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Nov 2, 2012 5:30pm PDT
been part of bailing out chrysler and gm and ordered to ship those jobs, and the production overseas to china. that was shall did -- and he got attacked by the republican papers in the state including the youngstown vindicater being indefensible. and i just think it had to be the product of, conclusion that the auto bailout really was a mountain too high for him to climb. and they had to somehow destroy booma's credibility. >> woodruff: and the romney campaign is saying the ad is accurate, that it is factual. >> they seem to be the only ones though, to be honest saying that. and so one of the questions of the campaign is does that hurt. has anybody been hurt by doing a dishonest adment so far we haven't seen that much evidence. i do think there is some evidence that people are just getting sick of it they are saying this is the most dishonest race we've seen. so it is possible tt some of the very early ads that obama ran against romney last summer could turn out to be the crucial things that turn the whole election, i think a number of them were dishonest. maybe not as dishonest opin
Nov 4, 2012 12:30pm PST
president of the united states, his bailout, is plotting with the gm and chrysler to send american jobs overseas to china. this is beyond a guy double parking outside of north ridge -- >> if mark is correct, and there was an internal fight, and i think we all think there had to be, because this is a pants on fire ad, the person who decides that in the end is the candidate. >> well -- >> no -- four years ago, mccain decided not to run ads that went after the jeremiah wright stuff. that was his decision to similarly, this had to be a romney decision. >> "i'm mitt romney and i --" >> a silly decision. i was in china a couple years ago and the thing that really struck me was the extent to which the u.s. car manufacturers have penetrated that market. >> we should be wanting -- >> exporting. >> but we want to build them here. >> we do build some of them here, and some of them get finished there. penetrating markets helps us. >> what degree of the shamelessness campaigns engage in towards the end bread and this is important, mccain did the right thing -- we're not going to do race. i am sure h
Oct 26, 2012 10:00pm PDT
. it saved-- it saved more than a million jobs, and not just at gm, chrysler and their dealerships, but in auto parts manufacturing all over the country. >> reporter: today the lords town plant churns out the chevrolet cruz, the country's best selling compaq car, to meet demands it's gone from one shift a day to three, and round-the-clock production. dave green is president of the local united auto workers union. >> but the whole economy will benefit from this because our parts suppliers, the people who work there are out shopping at the stores, they are paying tacks, you know, they're investing in their community. >> reporter: the auto industry employs one out of every eight workers in the state. youngstown is the largest city in the region and reaped many of the benefits. it's not just auto breathing new life into northeast ohio. in youngstown, the once declining steel industry has come back. and the evidence is french-owned bn m-star which makes field tube force natural gas drilling. the company chose youngstown for its $1 billion expansion. you might not think of ohio as an energy p
Nov 1, 2012 4:30pm PDT
impacted. gm says lf the dealerships in new jersey are without power. some analysts who i talked to said they expect november sales to be down. who knows by how much. but they think actually some of those sales may be made up in december. and actually when you think about it, if there were people who weren't planning to buy a car but lost a car in the floods, they could end up making, having better sales than they had anticipated. >> sounds like a delayed sales as opposed to destroyed sales. it's dianesta broke tant in chicago >> susie: tom, it was a good day for the markets today. on reporting tonight from the nasdaq that is closed above the $3-- 3,000 level, best performance in five weeks and downtown at the new york stock exchange heavy volume, most of the dow components in the green today so a much more positive mood in the markets. >> tom: much more positive, much more constructionive. technology which had been a laggard, nasdaq, certainly knows this where you are at tonight t was one of the leaders today with the broad-based rally. let's get everybody updated with our market focus
Oct 30, 2012 11:00pm PDT
osama bin laden and he talked about gm and all of those kind of things yet people are saying don't run on the record, if it was a referendum on his record he will lose. >> well, i think the president talks about all of the things chris rock tweeted about in the convention, and in the campaigns communications, elections are about the future, not about the past and i think the most signicant poll number in the last two weeks, i don't think you and i have discussed this is wall street journal, nb. c poll that asked do you want the president is re-elected what do you want it to be like. >> 60 percent say substantially different, over 20 percent said they would like it to be some what different,. >> rose: that is not surprising at all. i would expect that to be what they would say. so chris rock i think would be surprised by that. chris rock would say and the president would say, i did pretty well. the president said in one of the debates i want four more years to do what i have been doing. >> rose: here is what i don't understand. this is reallyi havead this cversatnit ople about different
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)